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Curated Caribbean is a travel consultancy firm and bespoke travel agency driven to enhance existing tourism product in the Caribbean. ‘DRIVE, by Curated Caribbean’, a Private (Range Rover) Car Service – at affordable rates, is our most current offering.

In our ten years of operation in the Caribbean travel market, we have been many things to our varied clientele including travel associates and individual travellers alike, yet our mission has always remained the same – To provide excellent anchor services with a view to creating a first-world service while retaining third-world authenticity – no easy feat!

The ‘DRIVE, by Curated Caribbean’ car service is powered by a fleet of 2016 Range Rover vehicles. A heady mix of Range Rover, Range Rover Discovery LR4 and Range Rover Evoque, ours is the most modern, safe, and most luxurious yet understated fleet operating on the island.

Having facilitated movement across the island and provided travel solutions for actors, professional athletes, musicians, heads of state and other discerning visitors to Jamaican shores, lets just say that we know a thing or two about service levels, security, reliability and professionalism.

This combination of a beautiful fleet and a high standard of service comes at a price – a taxi price. Our competitive rates are affordable and comparable to that of regular taxi services and other private transfer services.

We invite you to reserve a Private Range Rover transfer for your upcoming travel needs. The engines are running; the air conditioning is blowing, the music is playing; the drinks are cooling, the WiFi is connecting and your driving is waiting – for you.

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