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Luxury Car Transportation Service in Jamaica

Whether you’re traveling to Jamaica and need a luxury car transportation service for business or pleasure, Curated Caribbean understands that your time is precious. You need a fast, professional and safe transfer from Norman Manley International Airport (Kingston) or Donald Sangstar International Airport (Montego Bay) to your hotel, villa or business destination. At the end of your trip, you need to transfer back to the airport in as little time as possible. If you have a recognizable name or sensitive job title, you need to make these transfers as discreetly and safely as possible.

Our logistic professionals have the expertise needed to get you from point A to point B without the hassle that comes from flagging down your own taxi and hauling your own luggage. Our personalized services keep you on the move so that you arrive at your destination in complete comfort and with maximum security.

Whether you’re traveling alone, with a group of colleagues, with clients or with your family, we ensure that you travel in comfort and arrive in luxury. You will enjoy escort in a 2016 WiFi Enabled Range Rover (Autobiograohy, Discovery or Evoque) from the airport to any location with Jamaica. If you have special requests, you can always arrange the fine details with our professionals in advance of your trip.

Luxury Car Transportation Service for Prestigious Guests

Luxury car transportation in Jamaica is worth a healthy investment because it saves you money, keeps you safe and ensures that you are never wandering lost in unknown territory. The good news is that you don’t have to make that healthy investment when you allow Curated Caribbean to handle all of your transportation needs.

Our job is much like that of an orchestra conductor. There are a lot of small details which need to come together if you are to transfer from the airport to your destination smoothly and without delay. We take care of those details and stand by your side, doing the hard work so that your trip is as relaxing as sweet music.

We cater to prestigious guests, including heads of state, celebrities and executives. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use our services for recreational trips. Whenever you want an expert to handle the details so that you can relax and feel secure, you can call Curated Caribbean.

Get More… But Don’t Pay More

Would you believe that our luxury airport car services can cost less than what you would pay an ordinary taxi secured at the airport? That may seem too good to be true, but it is in fact reality. Our services are surprisingly affordable, making them suitable for families and groups of friends as well as professionals entering Jamaica for serious business.

You want to feel free to explore Jamaica without sacrificing safety. Curated Caribbean gives you more service without hiking up prices, so you can return from your trip rejuvenated.


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