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Wellness Vacation Packages in Jamaica

Discover how our wellness vacation packages can be completely customized to your needs for healing and privacy at amazing accommodations in Jamaica.

Where do you go on vacation when your primary goal is to rejuvenate and heal from an injury, an illness, or a chronic health condition? If you’re like many travelers from around the world today, you book a wellness vacation package and head off for Jamaica. This is the leading destination for those suffering from chronic pain, depression, epilepsy, and many other health conditions that are often improved through the use of cannabis.

You can also benefit from a Jamaican wellness trip if you’re stressed out or you’re going through hard times and need to escape for the sake of your mental wellness. If you commonly return from a vacation just as s stressed and tense as you were before getting away, it’s time to slip off to an exclusive Jamaican villa to see what a detoxifying, rejuvenating vacation can really do for your body, mind, and soul.

Why Jamaica?

As consumers around the world seek access to potent cannabis that can help alleviate pain while combating a variety of illnesses and diseases, Jamaica has experienced a surge in tourist attraction. The island became known for its marijuana cultivation years ago when popular reggae singer Bob Marley was featured smoking a massive joint on the cover of his “Catch a Fire” album released by Island Records.

The use of marijuana is integrated into the Jamaican culture as an integral part of the Rastafarian belief system, and that predates Bob Marley by many years. Jamaicans have been cultivating marijuana for decades, but it was finally decriminalized in 2015. New legislation opened the door for Jamaicans to grow their own cannabis for spiritual use, and it brought tourism to the island by allowing visitors to consume and possess marijuana in small amounts for therapeutic purposes.  (Learn more about marjuana tourism here….)

It’s now possible to book a luxury villa vacation that includes potent marijuana and visits to some of the most scenic island destinations. This includes Dunn’s River Falls, Dolphin Cove, and Green Grotto Caves. You can even visit the Bob Marley museum to see where the reggae artist lived while learning more about Jamaica’s lively culture and history.

The Lowest Prices on Wellness Vacation Packages without Shopping Around

Negril Jamaica Vacation PackagesThere are so many Jamaican vacation discounts, deals, and packaged vacations floating around the internet today that it’s difficult to know when you’ve found the lowest available price. It becomes even more difficult the longer you shop around because prices can fluctuate from one day to another. Rather than wasting time and growing frustrated with the price-comparison process, allow us to book your luxury wellness vacation at the absolute lowest available rates.

Our exclusive contracts allow us to offer a 5% discount on the lowest price offered for some of the most exclusive villas in Jamaica. This discount is applied to the lowest price available anywhere, so our packages are even cheaper than the deal you would get by calling each of our contracted villas directly.

We can also add customized services to your package so that you get the most affordable accommodation rates along with a personalized itinerary and luxury upgrades that you don’t have to source, negotiate, and book on your own. Allow us to help you create a restorative wellness vacation without wasting time. After all, this trip is supposed to relieve stress.

Private Transportation on Demand

car feature 1Transportation is often the last thing travelers think about before going on vacation, but it’s the first thing you must consider when heading off for Jamaica. You don’t want to spend unnecessary time standing around unknown streets waiting for a taxi, and you definitely don’t want to waste time getting lost on your way to restaurants or popular attractions. Those are the small problems that turn most vacations into stressful situations that are anything but rejuvenating.

That’s why we offer luxury transportation services at the request of our customers. We can arrange for a personal driver to pick you up at the airport and get you safely to your exclusive villa. If you want to tour specific areas of Jamaica or see some of the attractions, then you may do so with the escort of a professional, trustworthy driver who has intimate knowledge of the island. Guided private tours are available upon request as well.

Not only does arranging for private transportation before you arrive in Jamaica reduce stress, but it also keeps you and your travel companions safe throughout your trip. This is especially important if you plan on enjoying your fair share of marijuana while touring the island.

Customized Wellness Services

Custom Wellness VacationsImagine relaxing into your private villa with a welcoming massage. Perhaps you could go for a detoxifying facial or a full-body soak that purifies and softens your skin. Many Jamaican spas also offer corrective spa treatments, including facials that make dramatic improvements in acne and various anti-aging services.

All of this plus much more is available when you schedule customized spa services before departing for Jamaica. Advanced preparation allows us to book your services through reputable Jamaican spas. It also frees you from sourcing your own spa experiences once you arrive on the island. You end up with the most affordable prices on the most luxurious and highest-quality services available, and it’s instantly delivered without hassle.

There are a variety of additional wellness services that you can add to your Jamaican vacation upon request– just ask your wellness travel agent.  This includes beautifully packaged marijuana that is delivered discreetly to your private villa. This allows you to enjoy your herbal treatment without trying to track down a provider once you arrive. It’s much safer to have high-quality herb sourced on your behalf and delivered straight to your private quarters.

Wellness vacation packages should deliver everything that you need for a safe, comfortable and relaxing journey. This allows you to travel without worry because you know that everything you need is already waiting for you on the island. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the experience from start to finish. The end result is a vacation that frees you from pain and helps you heal from illness or injury.



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