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How To Spot Your Jamaica Executive Car Service Driver!

Look for the fancy sign with OUR name on it, Curated Caribbean…

How do we find you? Where will you be? How will my Jamaica Executive Car Service Driver know its me? We get asked this all the time. While it may seem pretty obvious – we’ll be the ones with the sign with your name on it right? Wrong! Your driver will be the one with the fancy sign with OUR name on it…Curated Caribbean.

That’s right, our drivers come bearing signage with OUR name on it, not yours. Curated Caribbean maintains that Security and confidentiality are key. Whether you require executive car services while on vacation, or you’re visiting the island for business, or even if you live here year-round, your privacy and safety is of priority and each aspect of your reservation is held in the strictest confidence.


Your Safety and Security are Priority…Confidentiality is Key…

We have mastered the art of providing a first-world executive car service in a third-world island context. Your safety is our priority well before you land. You see, it isn’t just about picking you up in style (though we do that very well – our fleet is the most luxurious to be found on the island); it’s certainly not just about keeping you comfortable en-route (our cars come equipped with local and foreign newspapers, wifi, water, snacks and yes…moist towelettes); nor is it about just getting you where you’re going safely (that’s our forte – our drivers are the most reliable and experienced in the business); our service is also about taking the necessary precautions to protecting you well before you enter and exit your luxury vehicle.

Putting your name on a plaque and announcing to the crowd that your coming, well thats just TMI! (Too Much Information) in our books. Just trust us on this one.


Jamaica Executive Car Service Extras…

Thats the Jamaica Executive Car Service difference – Look out for the fancy sign with OUR name on it (along with your initials or a code name of your choice) and allow us to handle the rest. And just in case you aren’t absolutely sure – Just take a look great big smile on your driver’s face. He’s happy to see you! After all, you’re practically old-friends, he’s been monitoring your flight, anticipating your immigrations and customs timing, packing the things you’d like to snack on and drink and read while being whisked to your destination, making sure the temperature in the car is just the way you like. He’s even been playing your favourite tunes.

Let us know when you need us. Look out for the sign with OUR name on it when you arrive and let us take care of the rest. Wait! Just one more thing…Did we say that we’ll be waiting for you at the airport with a sign with OUR name on it?

Fly Safe…See you when you land!

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